Retail Solutions


Automated Retail Solutions

Secure solutions for displaying, merchandising, promoting, and dispensing products of all types and sizes.

Use SafeSale to:

  • Protect and boost performance of high-theft product categories
  • Extend store working hours and availability to 24/7
  • Expand reach to new locations, easily and efficiently

Use SafeSale to create new and convenient shopping experiences for your customers; blending the advantages of an online-like experience with the instant gratification of receiving the product immediately.

SafeSale is highly versatile, secure, friendly, and easy to operate. All system elements are managed remotely by our cloud-based S/W platform and can be connected to your POS, payment, and inventory systems.

Retail Solutions

SafeSale Protect – Your Solution for High-Theft Product Categories

Retail theft is rampant. Locked cabinets, manned counters, and security tags are ineffective, causing loss of sales and additional operational costs.

Safesale Protect is the game-changer. This secure, automated system for high-theft products like cosmetics and electronics features self-service kiosks for promotion & selection, and automated dispensing units for easy post-checkout pickup.

Smart and cloud-managed, Safesale Protect integrates seamlessly with your POS and IT systems. Upgrade now to fortify security without compromising customer experience.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate shoplifting
  • Improve customer experience
  • Boost category sales
  • Saves employee time & labor
  • Improve category management
  • Expand merchandising & service capabilities

SafeSale Protect in Action

SafeSale Extend – Your 24/7 Store Extension

Empower your business with SafeSale Extend, delivering the ultimate on-the-go shopping experience. Securely stocking a wide range of products 24/7, from refrigerated groceries to OTC drugs, it caters to your customers’ immediate needs.

Versatile and highly modular, SafeSale can stand independently or integrate into existing store spaces. Offering convenience in every shape and size, it supports all payment types and connects to your POS, payment, and product catalog systems.

Easy to operate and manage, SafeSale is designed for your staff’s efficiency. Elevate your customer experience and extend your service hours without additional costs. SafeSale Extend is the key to unlocking profitable retail expansion.

Key Benefits For Customers

  • Quick, on-the-go service
  • 24/7 availability
  • Large product variety
  • Local, online, app user-interface

Key Benefits For Retailers

  • Increases sales (after hours service)
  • Reduces dependency on labor
  • Enable Point of purchase promotions
  • Adds retail space outside the store

SafeSale Extend in Action

SafeSale Extend in Supermarkets
SafeSale Extend in Supermarkets
SafeSale Extend in Drug Stores
SafeSale Extend in Drug Stores
SafeSale Extend in Convenience Stores
SafeSale Extend in Convenience Stores

SafeSale Expand – Your Automated Mini-Store Anywhere

Elevate your retail game with SafeSale Expand – the key to reaching customers on the go. Effortlessly set up automated mini-stores in new, strategic locations, with minimal labor and operational costs.

Ideal for transportation hubs, malls, residential lobbies, offices, hotels, hospitals, and campuses, SafeSale Expand is modular, versatile, and can merchandise and dispense all types of products, including refrigerated. Supports a click-and-collect option for pre-ordering.

For brands and specialty retailers, SafeSale Expand doubles as a boutique store-within-a-store, showcasing and selling products in existing retail spaces. Expand your reach and captivate customers with SafeSale – the ultimate solution for dynamic retail growth.

Key Benefits

  • Enables on-the-go consumption
  • Increases sales
  • Expands brand exposure
  • Quick and cost-effective set-up
  • Reduces dependency on labor
  • Unique and appealing merchandising

SafeSale Expand in Action

SafeSale Expand in Shopping Malls
SafeSale Expand in Shopping Malls
SafeSale Expand Automated Store
SafeSale Expand Automated Store
SafeSale Expand in Hospitals
SafeSale Expand in Hospitals
SafeSale Expand in Hotel Lobbies
SafeSale Expand in Hotel Lobbies
SafeSale Expand as a store-within-a-store in Supermarkets/Retailers
SafeSale Expand as a store-within-a-store in Supermarkets/Retailers

SafeSale System - Main Elements

SafeSale, designed for ultimate flexibility, comprises key elements as needed:

  • Self-service kiosks: Showcase products, offer testing and sampling, in addition to selection and purchase. Also delivers relevant info, ads, and promos.
  • Automated dispensing units: Efficiently stock, merchandise, and dispense products, while also promoting, selecting, and purchasing.
  • Management Software: Remote management of all system components, including User Interface, product database, inventory, and transaction reports.
  • Customer App: For product promotion, selection, and purchase.
  • Retail Associate App: Enables easy operation and restocking of the system
  • Integration to Retailer IT Systems: Connect with POS, product catalogs, inventory, and payment systems.

SafeSale System - Main Elements

SafeSale - Key Features

Versatile & Modular

  • All product types, sizes, shapes, temperature
  • Supports varying needs and capacity
  • Enables changes to planograms
  • Different optional add-on modules

Smart & Connected

  • Cloud based remote management
  • Fully configurable and programmable
  • Integration with retailer IT systems (POS, ERP …)
  • Data driven performance optimization

Customer & Retailer Friendly

  • Advanced user interface
  • Interactive product info
  • Attractive, brandable design
  • Easy to install and operate

Secure & Safe

  • Locked and protected
  • Vandal-proof
  • Product breakage proof
  • Outdoor proof