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Retail Solutions

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SafeSale Autonomous Mini-Stores seamlessly integrate into retailers’ IT operations and architecture, offering the flexibility to function independently in its own location, semi-independently within existing stores, or even as a boutique store-within-a-store. Elevate your retail experience with SafeSale.

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Business Solutions

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SupplyIT provides businesses, campuses, and factories with a secure and automated system for pickup and return of supplies. Our cloud-based system can be integrated with your existing employee and inventory management software or can be operated in stand-alone fashion. Suitable for high value items, large products, reverse logistics and basic supplies.

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Unlike traditional vending management systems provided by the manufacturer or payment solution provider, our system integrates various vending hardware types from different manufacturers, including standard and specialty vending machines, smart cabinets, and lockers. Furthermore, we can connect to all payment solutions, empowering businesses to utilize multiple payment methods concurrently.

Traditional management systems are often designed exclusively for vending operators, limiting their functionality and customization options. Invendiv, however, extends its capabilities beyond vending, connecting to external databases and catering to diverse needs within larger operations, such as brick-and-mortar retailers and office supply providers.

Key Features:

• Affordable: Utilizing cost-effective vending hardware.
• Secure: Granting access to products only upon authorization.
• Modular: Providing simple and scalable solutions.
• Universal Connectivity: Seamlessly connect diverse vending hardware and payment solutions.
• Cohesive Ecosystem: Transform isolated machines into a collaborative, smart system adaptable to your business needs.

Invendiv was established in Israel in 2018. We bring deep understanding of vending technology, retail systems, and software.